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Penulis 1Elisabeth Nurhaini Butarbutar, 2--, 3
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Judul Implementation of Good Faith Principle as an Efforts to Prevent the Business Disputes
Volume Volume 11 No. 4 (202
Tahun terbit 2020
Abstract This study seeks to analyze the principle of good faith as a preventive measure in business disputes by comparing international perspectives on good faith and regulations in Indonesia. This study was conducted with normative means that in analyzing data used by observing the applicable regulations, logical means in analyzing the data always uses logic and should not conflict between one data with another data. Systematic means, in analyzing analyzed data must remain in the applicable legal system. The study results show that the implementation of the principle of good faith in a credit contract can prevent business disputes, if the terms and achievements/obligations that arise in the contract are formulated in a balanced way between the interests of the bank and the consumer so that the wishes agreed upon in the contract are truly realized and desired by the debtor and the right of the lender to collect the credit repayment can be fulfilled in accordance with goodwill.